Let’s Play: Suzuki Twinkle Variation A

Hi everyone! This is part of our Let’s Play series where I play songs slowly for you to be able to play along easily. This is for after you learn the piece, but before you have it polished and at full speed. Please, pay no attention to the terrible thumbnail.

The piece we are playing in this video is Suzuki’s Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Variation A. There are five variations and a theme in total. In the Suzuki method, this is the first piece in the book. I especially enjoy these variations because they are great for beginners, and great for those just beginning to learn and understand how to play by ear. Shinichi Suzuki specifically designed his method to be played with an instructor, and I hope this video helps you learn to play it easier.

When playing any of our Let’s Play series songs, I want you to first listen and watch the video to get a feel for the speed at which Im playing the song. Once you find the pulse, restart the video and play along with me. This particular video has me performing the song fast, and then slowly.

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