Let’s Play: Suzuki Twinkle Variation B

Hi everyone! Here’s another entry in our Let’s Play series. This time we will take a look at Suzuki’s Twinkle Variation B. There are five variations total culminating in the theme (the nursery rhyme we all know and love). The Twinkle variations keep the same pitches and order of pitches as the original nursery rhyme, and then vary the rhythm and bowings used to play the song.

The Suzuki method is available with a CD that contains tracks for all the songs in the respective book. However, many of my students say some of the songs are still too fast to play along with before they have the piece memorized. Therefore, these videos are recorded to give you something to play along with that clocks in a bit slower. This is for that time when you know the song, but still have some polishing to do.

As always, start by simply listening and watching the video. It’s important to allow your ear to adjust to the speeds of the song. Also, allow yourself the time to recognize pitches and their relationship to one another. I hope this doesn’t sound too abstract. You can use this video to start understanding intervals and their correlation to music making. Also, you can use this video to help you understand timing, rhythms, and the duration of notes. I hope this helps, and happy practicing!

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