Our First Songs On The Violin!

Here we go!

Hey everyone! I’m glad to see you’ve made it this far in our journey. Well, now it’s time for us to play some fun songs together! I’m going to provide you with some pieces progressing in difficulty and complexity. I’m going to give you a chart that will help you play the pieces, but I’m also going to provide you with the sheet music to follow. This chart coincides with your Don’t Fret finger locater system.

After we learn these songs, we’re going to be learning how to read sheet music. We will be able to use them to help us in that endeavor. So first, use the finger/tape/number system in conjunction with the video provided. Then, we can begin learning the different points of reading it on sheet music.

Walking Along

Our first exercise is a tune called, “Walking Along.” As you can see, the intervals are very close to a “stepping” up or down effect, where there isn’t much movement of the pitches. Mainly, to the notes directly next to it. This is a simple way to work on your finger dexterity and coordination.

Take a look at the aid graphic and listen to the video. Then try it out yourself!


Walking Higher

Next we’ve got a fun exercise called Walking Higher. This exercise goes a little bit further than the previous and uses notes higher up on the A string. It’s important to listen to and watch the video first, so that you are able to hear what it’s supposed to sound like.

Use the graphic and the letters and fingers involved in the song to make the correct notes. Now, let’s try it ourselves!

Fun in the Sun

Our next exercise is a little tune called “Fun in the Sun”. This song combines the D string notes with the A string notes. This is great for helping you become comfortable with crossing strings and with raising and lowering your fingers when you need to transfer them to other strings.

Again, take some time to listen to the piece in the video, and make sure you understand the fingers used and which strings they are on. Now, let’s give it a try!

Final thoughts

If you are confused about the fingers and the strings used, refer to our previous articles on the notes on the D string and A string and what they are. Always be sure to play the exercises from “D String Finger Fun” first on the D string, and then on the A string. This will help build your finger strength, dexterity, and make you comfortable with all the moves your fingers will need to make to play these songs.

Additionally, always warm up with the open string exercises to help your bowing arm get comfortable changing strings, which is what you will be doing on “Fun in the Sun”.

Repeat these exercises at least 15-20 times a day. This will help you memorize the fingers, and begin reinforcing your muscle memory for bowing and fingering. I hope this helps everyone and remember, music is magic!

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