Having taught for nearly two decades and played for almost three decades, I like to think I’ve been through a lot of different courses and methods on the violin. Here at Musilesson, we have created and compiled the best parts of many methods in order to help you learn to play the violin as quickly and easily as possible.

Logical progression is our goal, so we have put together a step-by-step path to growth for prospective students. Therefore, I invite you to start from the beginning and work your way through each step so you gain all the knowledge you need to keep moving forward. Even if you’re already learning violin, feel free to check out each section in order to make sure you haven’t missed anything in your development.

Before we get started on the physics of how to play the violin, I want to get you off to the best possible start. We’ve put together a section aimed specifically at giving you the nuts and bolts, and thought processes you need to hit the ground running. This section will really help you get the most out of this course so check it out.

I’ll stop here and let you start learning in a fun, methodical way!


Getting Started…

BC-101 • Playing the Violin: How to Get Started
BC-102 • Violins: Size Does Matter
BC-103 • How to buy a violin
BC-104 • How to Choose a Violin Bow
BC-105 • Violin Accessories
BC-106 • Parts of the Violin/Violin Anatomy
BC-107 • Parts of the Violin Bow
BC-108 • Notes on the Violin: What your Instrument can do
BC-109 • How to Practice effectively
Part 2
BC-110 • How to Tune your Violin

Stage One…

BC-111 • How To Hold The Violin: Posture
BC-112 • How To Hold The Violin Bow: Posture
BC-113 • The Names Of The Strings On The Violin
BC-114 • Violin Sounds: Bowing(Arco) vs. Plucking(Pizzicato)
BC-115 • How To Bow(Arco) On The Violin
BC-116 • Violin Bow Games For Arco Practice
BC-117 • How To Pizzicato On The Violin
BC-118 • Let’s Play A!(Arco and Pizzicato)
BC-119 • Playing Violin: Moving From String To String
BC-120 • Open String Exercises

Stage Two…

BC-221 • Violin Bowing: Detache, Staccato, Legato, And Tenuto
BC-222 • The Violin: Where To Place Your Fingers
BC-223 • Notes On The Violin: The D String
BC-224 • Notes On The Violin: The A String
BC-225 • D String Finger Fun
BC-226 • Our First Songs On The Violin!
BC-227 • Our Next Songs On The Violin
BC-228 • Understanding Beats and Rhythms in Music
BC-229 • Applying Beats and Rhythms To Sheet Music
BC-230 • Violin Songs With Quarter Rests

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